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17 October 2010

Fathi Otmani...

Dah lama rupanya x update blog nie..kebizian yg amat sgt..(yer ke??!!)

x busy --> buat2 busy --> busy --> sgt busy --> sgt2 busy

smbil2 buat kerja..terlihat kwnku post video dr international singer kat blog dia..mcm best tajuk lagu nie..The Most Fathi, nak kongsi la dgn kwn2 ku di luar sana..


(Dipetik dari:

Fathi Otmani is born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 1987.
Since a young age Fathi has always liked music and at the age of 15 his interests developed so he
began writing hip hop tracks in English and Dutch.
His hip hop skills continued to improve, he formed a hip hop group and they worked on pursuing conscious hip hop.
After being active in the hip hop industry for four years his interest in other music genres began to develop.

During this time he had heard a few Nasheeds which got him interested in the Nasheed genre.

He began to sing and practice songs from various Nasheed artists. His family and friends were highly impressed with his talent. Meanwhile, he began working with studio audio software and making instrumental beats for himself and his hip hop group. Being an avid Nasheed listener during this time it occurred to him that not only the Nasheeds strongly striked his emotions, but also inspired him making him realize the splendor and the power that they have in being able to express the beauty of Islam.
In the summer of 2006 Fathi decided to leave the hip hop industry totally and focus on making strong by Islam inspired music.

Fathi is now concentrating on developing his music. He hopes that his humble efforts in using his talent will be a helping hand in showing the true beauty of Islam.

“My aim in making my music is to spread the beauty of Islam to all the people and show everyone that Islam is not a religion of terror and war that the media portrays it as. I hope that my efforts in making my music can bring at least a small amount of change in people’s perception of this beautiful Deen.
May Allah help us stay steadfast on the path of this Deen and keep our hearts clean from
Shaitan’s darkness. Ameen.”

Kepada sesiapa yg belum mengenalinya lagi..boleh la add Fathi Otmani di Facebook..

atau join Fan Club Fathi Otmani..

** Thank you so much to Fathi Otmani coz give me permission to promote his video also his FB here.. :D

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